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Our Privacy Policy

The privacy of visitors who visit our site is of the utmost importance to us. has developed this privacy statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to this issue. Within this Privacy Policy, you can expect to find information about:

The Information We Collect

The information gathered by is divided into two categories:

(1) information provided by customers when they register or initiate transactions, and

(2) tracking information gathered as visitors navigate through the site.

The information you provide us during a visit to helps us to improve the quality and utility of our site. No information is to be sold to any party in any fashion whatsoever.

Our Security Measures

The information we collect from our visitors is stored in databases we control. Physical access to the servers on which we store visitor information is restricted. We use your credit card information only to bill you for the service you request from us. We don’t share your credit card information with anyone. To protect the privacy of your credit card number and other ordering information, we encrypt this information for transit over the Internet using a Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) connection. SSL will keep your credit card information safe and secure during the transaction. DOES NOT keep your credit card information on file at all for your security. Once the transaction has been finalized, the data is destroyed immediately.

How to make corrections to your personal & court information:

At any time during the program, you may change the information you have previously submitted. After completion, only we can edit data in the account.